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May 2, 2018 Annual Meeting Report

2018 Annual Meeting Presentation

2018 Annual Meeting Brochure

Approved Agenda Items:

2018 - 2019 Program
The LWVODC Board recommends that the 2018-2019 Program concentrate on the following local activities, which are consistent with the LWVUS Campaign for Making Democracy Work®: Voting Rights, Improving Elections, and Redistricting.

Our Voter Services Action Team will continue working to expand voting rights, to ensure that existing pro-voter laws are being followed, and to challenge all efforts that limit voters' ability to exercise this basic right. Voter Services will also work to improve the voting experience, expand early voting, and improve polling place management in Orange, Durham, and Chatham Counties.

The Fair Elections Action Team (FEAT) will continue its work to educate voters about the impact of redistricting on fundamental voting rights and inform them about the status of LWVNC's various legal actions challenging racial and partisan gerrymandering at the state and federal levels.

The LWVODC Board further recommends that existing Action Teams continue their work for 2018-2019.

2018 - 2019 Elected Officers
President: Krishna Mondal, Orange County
Vice President: Patricia McDaniels, Chatham County
Secretary: Tara Fikes, Durham County
Treasurer: Cynthia LaMaster, Durham County
Nominating Committee Chair: Pamela Oxendine, Durham County

Elected Board Members to serve 2018-2020
Joal Broun, Orange County
Kathleen Wright, Durham County

Current Elected Board Members serving the second year of 2017-2019:
Amy Jeroloman, Orange County
Jennifer Rubin, Durham County

Nominating Committee
2018-2019 Nominating Committee Chair: Pam Oxendine

Bylaws, Non Partisanship Policy, Membership Directory, and Member Interest Survey

  • Bylaws
  • Non Partisan Policy
  • The League maintains a Membership Directory. If you need to locate a League member or would like a copy of the Membership Directory, email: You must be a League member to make a request for membership contact information.
  • LWVODC Membership Interest Survey This document was last updated October 23, 2017.
    The Membership Interest Survey is an Excel spreadsheet that identifies the interests of LWVODC members in various League activities and programs. Select the various tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to choose the program area of interest. This document is password protected. If you forget the password, e-mail: and request the password. The LWVODC Membership Interest Survey is for LWVODC Members use ONLY.

League Material and Resources


LWVODC sound system and microphone, LWV banner, LWV signs. Contact Board member Amy Jeroloman at if you need these materials for your League meeting.

1. Publicity/Media Process and Contacts, updated April 2018; docx file

2018 Membership Handbook
1. 2018 Membership Handbook (pdf file)
2. 2018 Membership Handbook (rtf file)

1. Impact on Issues, 2016-18
2. LWV Transformation Roadmap
3. LWVEF Observing Your Government
4. League of Women Voters Education Fund Clearinghouse contains studies and research conducted by League members. Visitors may download and print the documents. League members may submit documents for this site
5. LWV Join NowJoin the League Now! The logo can only be used on official LWV documentations.
6. LWV Logo League of Women Voters

Voter Service Information
1. LWVODC Candidates Forum Agreement: Rules and Format, updated Sept. 2013
2. Candidates Forum Sample Materials:
- Invitation letter to candidate - Follow up letter to candidate- Forum flyer
3. Voter Registration Training Slideshow

Ongoing Voter Service Volunteer Opportunities

Please check the LWVODC calendar for Voter Registration and Education events planned for 2018.

LWVODC Board Meeting Minutes