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June 8, 2017 LWVODC Annual Meeting

The LWVODC Annual Meeting will be held on June 8 at at 6:30 pm at Extraordinary Ventures, 200 S. Elliott Road, Chapel Hill. Please RSVP to Pam Oxendine at if you plan to attend.

Guest Speaker will be Patrick McDonough, Manager of Planning and Transit-Oriented Development,Triangle Transit

Program: Our Action Teams will share their accomplishments: (Introduction of New Action Team Leaders)
- Education Action Team
- Environment Action Team
- Gun Violence Action team
- Health Care Action Team
- Membership Team
- Redistricting/Fair Elections Team
- Violence Against Women Team
- Voter Protection Services Team

The members will vote on the following:

  • Proposed 2017 - 2018 LWVODC Budget

  • 2017 - 2018 Proposed Topic Focus
    - Bring back "Lunch with the League"
    - Adding Program Director for Events
    - Adding Fundraising Team
    - Creating study groups on the following topics as they relate specifically to ODC: Water Quality, Transportation, and Immigration
    - Additional suggestions from the floor. (Must have a leader)

  • 2017 - 2018 Officers and Board of Directors
    - PRESIDENT- Pam Oxendine- Durham
    - VICE PRESIDENT-Pat McDaniels- Chatham
    - SECRETARY- Tara Fikes - Durham
    - TREASURER- Cynthia LaMaster - Durham
    - DIRECTOR (2017-2019)- Jennifer Rubin- Durham
    - DIRECTOR (2017-2019)- Amy Jeroloman- Orange
    - DIRECTOR (2017-2018)- Zena Alman - Durham
    - NOMINATING COMMITTEE CHAIR- Leona Whichard - Chatham

LWVNC Convention Update

Celebrating the 2017 convention, our new LWVNC website, and voting rights!

Over 100 members from 17 of our 18 chapters across North Carolina joined together for the 2017 convention in Greensboro, May 5-7, 2017. Awards were given to Audrey Espisito and Gail Bromley, as well as the LWV of Granville County, the LWV of Lower Cape Fear, and the NC Justice Center. Find photos and a full convention program listing on our convention web page.

League Action Teams (LAT's) are organizing at the state level with the goal of providing resources for local Leagues to use when educating and advocating on LWVNC issues of emphasis. Members are encouraged to participate in monthly calls and webinars, often featuring experts related to the team's focus issue. Each team has a dedicated web page where its events and resources can be accessed. Link to more information about each of these League Action Teams.

Read our May 2017 newsletter for a complete list of updates and links.


Voter Service Volunteer Opportunities

REGISTER VOTERS AT NATURALIZATION CEREMONIES Want to attend the inspiring naturalization ceremony and help new citizens register to vote? Volunteers needed on Fridays!

The League of Women Voters of Wake County has asked ODC Leaguers to assist them in voter registration of new citizens at the naturalization ceremony held every Friday at 10 am and a second one at 2 pm. The USCIS facility is on the edge of the Wake-Durham County lines off of Miami Blvd. at 301 Roycroft Drive, Durham, NC 27703. Packages with voter registration forms are provided by USCIS. Volunteers assist new citizens in completing the forms and collecting them. Betty Ellerbee from LWV-Wake will have a Wake Leaguer assist in the afternoon session to collect the forms and return them to the NC Board of Elections in Raleigh within the period as required by law. Please respond by email to Brenda Rogers at or by telephone at 919-968-0833.

Information about the USCIS Office

Member Handbook, Bylaws, Non Partisanship Policy, Membership Directory, and Member Interest Survey

  • Member Handbook
  • Bylaws
  • Non Partisan Policy
  • Membership Directory. Last updated May 23, 2017. The membership list is an Excel spreadsheet that contains a list of all members in alphabet format and in files divided by county. The Membership Directory is password protected.If you forget the password, e-mail membership ( and request the password.

    The LWVODC Membership Directory is for member use ONLY.

  • LWVODC Membership Interest Survey This document was last updated February 16,2017.
    The Membership Interest Survey is an Excel spreadsheet that identifies the interests of LWVODC members in various League activities and programs. Select the various tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to choose the program area of interest. This document is password protected. If you forget the password, e-mail membership ( and request the password.

    The LWVODC Membership Interest Survey is for member use ONLY.

LWVODC Board Meeting Minutes

League Material and Resources



LWVODC sound system and microphone, LWV banner. Contact if you need a sound system for your League meeting

1. Publicity/Media Process and Contacts, updated June 29, 2016
2. Sample Press Release, updated Sept. 2012

1. A Brief Guide to NC Courts
2. LWV Join NowJoin the League Now! The logo can only be used on official LWV documentations.
3. LWVODC 101: Power Point presentation to new members.
4. LWV Logo League of Women Voters
5. Membership Handbook
6. League of Women Voters Education Fund Clearinghouse contains studies and research conducted by League members. Visitors may download and print the documents. League members may submit documents for this site

Voter Service Information
1. LWV Guide for Candidate Forums:FACE to FACE - Face to Face: A Guide to Candidate Debates answers all the questions about debate sponsorship in detail.
2. LWVODC Candidates Forum Agreement: Rules and Format, updated Sept. 2012
3. Candidates Forum Sample Materials:
- Invitation letter to candidate - Follow up letter to candidate- Forum flyer
4. Sample Candidate Letters and Candidate Questions from 2009 Chapel Hill Voters' Guide 5. Guidelines for Registering Voters slideshow. Note: The slide referencing voter requirements is no longer correct due to the US Supreme Court's support for the Fourth Circuit Ruling. See information about Statement regarding Fourth Circuit Ruling