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Chatham Unit Meeting Dates

Chatham Unit meetings will take place every other month on a Monday at 4:30. Remaining 2018 meetings will be on July 9, Sep 10 & Nov 5.


Chatham Unit Meeting Minutes

Monday May 7, 2018, LWVODC Chatham Unit Meeting Minutes
Attendees: Pat McDaniels, Susan Buonocore, Vickie Shea, Val Gist, Anne Triulzi, Jackie Walters Minutes:

March 5, 2018 LWVODC Chatham Unit Meeting Minutes
Attendees: Pat McDaniels, Susan Buonocore, Vickie Shea, Nancy Hillmer, Jackie Walters, Val Gist, Anne Triulzi, Ricka Samulski, Nita Dukes

Summary of Chatham County Local Government Meetings

The Chatham County Unit of the League of Women Voters is requesting volunteers to participate in the Observer Corps Program for 2018. This a new activity to communicate to all members more about what is going on in our county, and how the local government meetings address important issues that affect all of us. Detailed Information regarding this program can be obtained by contacting Pat McDaniels at

March 8, 2018

Summary of the January and February Chatham County Local Government Meetings

Chatham County Board of Elections Meeting
February 20, 2018: Because of the pending lawsuit, the previous Board members have continued to serve: Roger Gerber, Craig Bray and Laura Heise. Pandora Paschal, the Board of Elections Director, presented the agenda items. Potential members of the Board also attended. The main discussion revolved on the Chatham County early voting schedule at satellite sites other than the Board of Elections office in Pittsboro. The 2018 North Carolina Primary Election early voting period is April 19-May 5. During that time, the statute requires that early voting be held at the Board of Elections office from Monday to Saturday. The Chatham County Board of Elections has decided not to schedule early voting on Sundays. Satellite early voting sites include North Chatham (in a double wide parked at the park on Big Woods Road), Siler City, and Goldston. Initially the Republican Board members advocated holding early voting at satellite sites only for the last week of the statutory period, but after discussion that included testimony by LWVODC on behalf of voters, the Board decided to open the North Chatham and Siler City satellite sites for the 15 non-Sunday days of the early voting period, Monday-Friday from 10 am to 7 pm, Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm. The Goldston satellite site will be open only for the last six days of the early voting period because of historically low turnout at that site. Early voting at the Board of Elections office will be from 8 am to 7 pm for the 15 non-Sunday days of the statutory early voting period.

Chatham County Board of Commissioners:

January 16, 2018 working session:

1. Audit of Chatham finances: Sales tax generated good income (15% of total revenue); General fund balance $38 million+; Fund balance is very healthy; Property tax brought in $64 million in revenue for 2017. Expenses primarily for: General government; Public safety (sheriff and emergency mgmt.); Human services (retirement for gov't employees); Education (35% of expenditures). Municipalities in NC are required to record actuarials and liabilities in 2018 budget and going forward. State audits will be required on programs with budgets of about $740,000. More audits = more fees. Medicaid audits + financial threshold lowered on direct benefits programs that require audits
2. Go Global NC: This is a Latino initiative started in 1998; Working session in Mexico August 6-14, 2018 for community leaders (Mexico City and Guanajuato City); Preparation for work force in Chatham; Hispanic population in Chatham is primarily Mexican, Guatemalen and El Savadorian.
3. Review of growth in the Pittsboro area: there was a presentation about the CCC Health Sciences building construction as part of Chatham Park; Construction to begin July 2018 and Scheduled to open the fall of 2019. The Haw River Trail proposes adding 70 miles of multi use train through several counties along the Haw River, and Chatham is starting with state park land along US 15-501 near Bynum to below US 64 at Jordan Lake.

January 19, 2018 public input session:

1. Two people spoke during the public input session both objecting to the presence of the Confederate statue in front of the Pittsboro Courthouse. One request asked the Commissioner's to change the location. (During the regular session, Mike Dasher asked that this issue be put on a future agenda.)
2. Approval was given to the purchase agreement for the Henry Siler School. Chatham County will donate the school to the developer and the developer will preserve the `envelope' of the building for historic purposes. The school will be developed for much needed affordable housing.
3. Newland developer at Briar Chapel was granted a waiver to move a stream crossing after receiving approval from the Environmental Committee.
4. A resolution was adopted urging a state-level response to protect water resources from contamination. There is evidence of contaminants in Jordon Lake.

February 19, 2018 public input session:

1. During the Public Input Session, 2 people requested the removal of the Confederate soldier statue in front of the Pittsboro Courthouse. Another person asked that Half Dollar Road not be connected to Briar Chapel development.
2. O'Mara's Landscaping and Lawn Care requested a parcel of land on Mann's Chapel Road be rezoned from residential to community business.
3. Two requests by the Board of Commissions to adopt revisions to the zoning ordinance and the subdivision regulations to reflect legislative changes by Planning Staff. Both requests were referred to the Planning Board.
4. A request to adopt a noise ordinance was adopted as amended.
5. request to expand the Board of Commissioners from 5 to 7 people was postponed.

Chatham County Board of Education: Nothing to report at this time.

Chatham County: 2017 State of the County Report

On October 16, 2017, Chatham County Commissioner Chairman Jim Crawford presented the 2017 State of the County Report during the regular meeting of the full board. The report includes major highlights of the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2017.

Among the achievements covered in the report:

  • Development of the 25-Year Comprehensive Plan, expected to be adopted later this fall
  • Preparation of the two large industrial megasites to enhance their marketability
  • Grand opening of the Chatham County Agriculture and Conference Center
  • Progress with several future education facilities
  • Department leadership changes
  • Enhancements in online access for the public
  • Key awards and honors
  • Major collaborations
  • Other highlights from departments and offices

Full State of the County Report (pdf version)

Chatham Voices for Justice

Chatham Voices for Justice (CVJ) is a grassroots, progressive organization of volunteers in Chatham County, North Carolina that works to promote equal rights and equal participation in our democracy for all county residents.